Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mountain Top

On our long drive home last night, Pastor Dennis told me that we had another mountain top experience tonight. I surely agreed! We have had so many of these though that it is like going from one to another. I thank our Lord however, that he is also God of the valleys. The same God who gives us these highs, is there with us in the lows that we all have as well. We can rejoice even in our tribulation scripture says!

The mountain top Dennis spoke of last night was our late evening service outdoors. This time at least 1000 people showed up! (picture above is part of them) God provided for food from the word! Then after the service we personally laid hands on and blessed each person. That took time, but it was a blessing also for us. We were very happy that at least probably 2 to 300 of the people were men. This is a high percentage of men for here. Remember, these are poor villagers. Not one car came except ours. They all came by walking, bike, or rented motor rikshaw taxi. They came for 3 straight nights, many from long distances (for their forms of transportation) to listen to God's word. They were not given anything to eat, and almost half last night had to sit on the ground. But this did not stop them! Praise God for this!

Yesterday we also had a service in a village church. Two congregations. In this group were certain young women had a talent for smiling as they sang. A nice sight! One of these girls could find scripture faster than anyone else in the room including the pastors. (keep reading the below articles if you have not yet, they are in backwards order like all blogs.)
God Bless you all!

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