Friday, February 27, 2015

Foreign Mission in Pictures

This fellow is the picture of servanthood. Alway present, ever faithful!

This faithful woman preached for over 3 years to her drunkard unbelieving husband while being beaten before he repented and believed. Now they serve the Lord together in great Joy and gladness.
This poor pastor who suffered with Elephantiasis passed away one month before we arrived in India this year. We went to his church to speak and pray. For a long time before his death this pastor would wake up very early and read the Bible and pray over a loud speaker for his entire Hindu village to hear!
"I work at this home (a home in SA for children with disabilities) 7 days a week 6am-6pm. Its hard because we are not able to go to church. Please remember to pray for us." "When we were coming to church today we noticed a cobra on the path, my sister and I ran the whole rest of the way here."
Sunday School in India

Pastor and Leaders Seminars India. These situations allow for very direct Biblical and doctrinal. There sessions are our main focus in every

country we work in. We know we come and go while they remain to carry on!
Whether services are indoor, outdoor, large or small, when the Word of God is preached in truth and purity, it will not return void.

Thank you Mr. Joe for your suggestion to do a picture report in this fashion! We surely hope you all enjoy these bi-monthly picture reports. The pictures will be sort of random, and hopefully they will capture life as it is lived around the world.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monthly News February 2015

Above: Nurse Sonja gives shots. 

India: Preaching the Gospel and Medical Clinics 

As the anti conversion laws increase around the world, medical clinics give a great opportunity to reach communities. During these clinics each person is helped with medical care and given medication or shots as needed. In addition, and most importantly, each person is prayed for and given the opportunity to hear the Gospel. In the same village large services are held to spread The Word. Loud speakers are used to reach the entire village. For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name.. Mark 9:41 

Thank you to all the team who recently served with the Foreign Mission in India!The medical clinic supplies were as always, personally funded by the team members.

Believe and Be Baptized: 

Mark 16:16 says: He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.   
In so many places in scripture we can see the importance of believing and of baptism.  Baptism is a sacram
ent given by God and has wondrous, marvelous, and mysterious (to us humans) God given power!     However...  click here to read the rest of this story...

South Africa 2015: 
This year in South Africa the focus was to spend time with the members of the church to uplift, edify and encourage them in their walk as a christian. Bob was able to serve with the Bishop in Leaders Seminars. While Autumn, Julie and Matthew spent time with the youth of the church. 

The article below is by Julie Matson:

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, 
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future, 
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives!" 

When we arrived in South Africa we met with the Bishop to talk about the youth and their needs. The truth is no matter where we are, struggles among the youth are just the same.
One of the first days arriving in South Africa we sang Because He Lives. Upon reading the words, the youth requested it again and again. We sang in the car, at bible study, church or any opportunity we had. God used this to open up a wonderful opportunity for conversations and searching the Word for wisdom and understanding. 

"It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23

Reports from the field: 

The following is a report from Pastor Frank Famiyah on the seminars he conducted for the Togo pastors last week:

The seminars started on the 3rd February with all the nine pastors and two church leaders. This time, the first day was given to all the pastors to report on how they had taught and preached the Gospel in their congregations since the last seminars in November 2014.  The idea was to find out not only the extent of their understanding of the Gospel but more importantly, how they have personally taken it in for themselves.  I was quite satisfied with how their reports went.
Subjects addressed at the seminar: 
Law and Gospel
i.e. "Increasing in the  Knowledge of God - Growing in Grace"
Good News of forgiveness of sin.

Pastor Philippe of the church in Aklotsi, speaking on behalf of his colleagues expressed gratitude for new insights gained at the seminars and the kindness of the F.M.B. in sponsoring the seminars.  He prayed that God would continue to empower His servant to travel to their country to teach and share the Gospel with them as often as possible.  What could I say to that - the Love of Christ constraineth us! 

In His service,  Pastor Frank 

The following is a report from South Africa regarding the team that recently visited: 

This year the Lord worked wondrously using His servants both from America and South Africa by uniting us in one body and working together with one purpose, to reach the lost souls with the saving gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins.

Much time was spent with the young men, helping them to be the future leaders of the Church. They have continued to hold bible studies. This is an important step, as this was what the church needs desperately. 
I told them that they will be the ones to minister to my grand children this same saving Gospel.

Yours in His service,  Bishop L.Mphahlele

The following is a report from India regarding the team that recently visited: 

Thank you so much for conducting the Pastors Seminars. All the Pastors were very much deeply Fed by the Spirit of God ,The Living Bread and the Living waters. Many thanks from the Big Services, thank you for the Pastor for visiting Churches, encouraging each and every believer. Thanks to the young people for teaching the kids and woman about the word of God. All the woman and Children enjoyed and are blessed.  

Thank you for conducting free Medical camps in the villages. Thank you for providing the Medicine. Thanks to the team for coming and serving God in Free Medical camps. The team is wonderful and awesome with great potential and energy to serve God. The way they assisted and treated the patients was good and with lot of care with Love. 
Thank you for coming to Tribal area to preach Good News of Jesus and to treat the patients. All the village has seen your great Love like the Good Samaritan Luke 10:30-37 
We all thank you and we all Love you for your Grace and Kind Love of Jesus. May God bless you Pastor.
Dr.Kumar and Jean Mary.

This is a report by Pastor K. 

We are privileged to have the mission-team from FMB-ALCA. The PASTORS' SEMINAR has been a blessing. The Word was taught in its simple and accurate way and ignited the attendants to continue with zeal in His Work
wherever the Lord placed them and sends them. 

The MEDICAL CAMPS as one of the social wings of the mission work contributed to move the people and show them HIS treatments with the Love of Christ.

CONTINUED in next column....

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Special projects
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Church rebuilding:The Christians in Liberia are still struggling to get churches built after the 15 year civil war which destroyed the infrastructure of the entire country.  Also in India several places of worship need to be rebuilt due to Cyclone damage.  Many other countries need churches also. The team that visited India saw the damage 1st hand. Later photos will be shared on the progress. 
Top five list:  Please be aware that the FM administrator keeps a list of the most needed humanitarian projects around the world where the FM works!  These are not funded by general FM funds, but many people often come forward asking to support special needs.   You can receive this list by email for you or your group to check over and decide what you would like to work toward funding!   Click here to email! 

A young widow receiving a bible with tears in her eyes

Please note: The Foreign Mission does not report the number of repentances that have occurred around the world while on mission trips.  Why? Because we have no power over who repents, believes the Gospel, or even comes to the services.  It is all the work of a Mighty and Sovereign God who is worthy of all honor and praise!  We cannot see into the hearts of men anyway, but we know God can.  We also have this promise from His Word:
Isaiah 55:11

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where to I sent it.

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The YOUTH GROUP very much involved with children and youth. Teaching wonderful choruses, taught the Biblical stories with thought-provoking demonstration to help plant a strong faith in the youth and children. 
The Youth Group has specially left strong ties and fellowship with ALC Home, the children always remember them and 
their movements with at STUDY  HOURS, DEVOTIONS, PLAY-TIME, and Physical Exercise time and in the Dining Hall.
We pray for you all.
Please pray for us and the on-going mission work in India.

  Thank you. Your servant in His service,  Pastor K.

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>  Pray for the upcoming trip to west Africa beginning March 4th. 
> Pray for the families of the 21 Christians killed in the Middle East, and pray for all those being persecuted around the world. 
> Pray that God through His spirit will bless all that was said and done on the recent trips. May the Lord continue to bless our brothers and sisters around the world, that they may grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord.