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June FM Monthly News

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...Mark 16:15
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The Philippines

These four missionaries, from three different countries served in the Philippines during May.   As usual, Pastors and Leaders Seminars and the Preaching of the Word were the reason for the trip, as Jesus gave that Great Commission.   Pastor Frank Famiyeh from Ghana, and Brian Niemitalo did the preaching and teaching.  The entire team helped assist Dentist Daniel Franco in free dental clinics where over about 300 teeth were pulled and about 500 people were served.  Randy Kinnunen helped with the music, dental and other humanitarian concerns. Its so wonderful that a team of people from various countries and gifts and talents can work together in the mission field.
Pastor Frank Famiyeh sent in his usual trip report for the board to review. Here is the last paragraph of that report:
On the whole our 2-week mission efforts in the Philippines turned out very blessed and fruitful. The Lord through His Spirit was with us every step of the way to guide our ministry and to use our preachings to work living faith in many hearts,  nominal Christians and unbelievers alike to repent and believe in the finished work on the Cross for the salvation of their souls and for our own edification. I was amazed by the amount of energy Dr. Franco, ably supported by Brian Niemitalo especially, put into our dental mission.

God bless the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America and its Foreign Mission Board for sponsorship
God's peace! 
Pastor Frank Kodjo Famiyeh
Tarkwa, Ghana
 ALCA Convention
We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Annual Convention in Tri-Cities Washington. Please stop by The Foreign Mission table to visit, take information, or leave some input!
There will be a Foreign Mission Presentation Saturday afternoon at 3 PM. 
Guatemala Volcano
Please pray for Guatemala. There was a devastating volcano eruption in Guatemala destroying many homes and buildings. The death and destruction is terrible.  We have received many updates from our friends there. Thankfully they are safe, but obviously they are concerned and want to help their fellow countrymen. The church in Zacapa was able to get together and gather emergency supplies to bring to the effected areas. We have a team going to Guatemala this week for the annual ALC of Guatemala convention.  


(Through this section in each Monthly News, we hope you can feel better connected to some of your brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.) 
Meet Magaly De Sinay
Magaly is a faithful sister in the ministry in the Guatemala. She is the wife to Pastor Giovanni Senay. Together they serve their community and the surrounding areas. Magaly has been teaching many woman how to sew. They make school bags for the children of poor villages, purses, baby blankets and a variety of other things. Magaly has heart for new mothers and they along with others of their congregation visit the local hospital maternity ward. They pray with the woman and babies, and deliver the baby blankets they have made plus clothes or other necessities. She serves along side her husband in a variety of church activities...

News From the Field 


In April, we had the blessed vist of people from The Ashburnham Apostolic Lutheran Church. They came to share the love of God doing home visits, church services and hard dental work for more than one hundred people from our three congregations. We all saw the love they have for us, and we praise God for them. A lot of kids and adults have testify how the work they received is working very well. 
We also have Word of God preaching by Pastor Colin Kinnunen which was a blessing for all of us. May the Lord bless all the people interested on support the Mission in Guatemala and around the World, and especially we are very thankful with Ashburnham Apostolic Lutheran Church for coming to serve among us. In the future we hope more congregations from all the US will coming to visit us. Everyone is very welcome! God´s peace to you all.
Pastor Giovanni Sinay
Apostolic Lutheran Church

   Other Highlights or Events

>  Bibles were distributed in several countries this month from the Bible Fund. Want to donate to the bible fund? Click here

> The FM Emergency Medical Fund was thankfully able to help a Pastor who had a motorbike accident, as well as a pastor who needed a medical checkup following his recent operation.   The medical fund is now very low on funds.

>  Once again, during June and July, the FM Administrator will be visiting churches around the USA and Canada. If you see him feel free to ask questions or give input!

> The church building projects are moving along.  We are so thankful for the special donations for this cause. Here are pictures of two church building projects currently under way!

 The Foreign Mission fully understands that nothing can be accomplished except that God through His Holy Spirit would move His children to help in their individual capacity.  We certainly give all Honor, Praise, and Glory to God.  Items are put here only so you can see the various ways that you can help in the Lord's Vineyard, even if you cannot leave your home! Prayer is of top importance of course! 
O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalm 107:1

                               Upcoming Trips Update

 Guatemala… The annual ALC Guatemala convention will be help on June 16 and 17. There is a group of ALC members from the USA that will be attending this convention to enjoy this time together with the Children of God in Guatemala.  

All future trips will be announced when firm dates are set.  Please keep an eye on this report each month, but of course always feel free to email Click here. 

Upcoming Trips 

Would you like to join us? 

Trips this year that have availability for you to join!  
Fall/Winter 2018
South Africa
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Church building fund:  We have a small specially donated church completion fund set up.   So far several church roofs have been completed.  The FM believes it best for the local congregations to put their own prayers, sweat, and treasure into their own church so that each congregant takes personal interest in the church.   We do enjoy helping such congregations finish their building, hence the fund.

Emergency Medical Fund:  This fund is currently out of money.  It is so nice to have some funds available in the event a child or some other church member in our churches abroad is met with sickness or accident.  This fund has helped so many in the last several years.   We are so thankful to be able to occasionally help when the funds allow. 

The Bible Fund; we get many requests. It is such a blessing to give the WORD of LIFE! Click here to donate.
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 Prayer section: 

>  Pray for our upcoming annual ALC convention to be held in the Tri Cities, WA in July.

>  Pray for Godly Leaders world wide to come forth, both in the churches and in the governments. Pray that the persecution of Christians by evil dictators or others, would end.

>  Pray for our Pastor, Leaders, families, and friends in all the congregations we work in around the world.  God is with them always.  We miss our friends during the months we are not together.

May God Bless Your Month!
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