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October FM Monthly News

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...Mark 16:15
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It is time to enter the mission field abroad once again!  While there is so very much preaching and teaching to do in the USA, some of us are also called to go outside our borders.   Many of you understand this and want to help from where you are!  So, we have been packing our  bags and we want to say:    
THANK YOU! To everyone who has been sewing girls dresses and boys shorts. To those who have collected glasses. We have been packing our bags for Kenya and look forward to being the ones to deliver these special items to those in need in Kenya. Even the suitcases to carry the items  were donated and will be left there.
Thank you to Shayla Seppala. (age 10) She has been working since April to earn money to buy new and used shoes for the children in Kenya. With her hard work she was able to get 30 pairs of shoes (most Crocks and rain boots because they are good for the rainy climate) She was also able to purchase some candies and fun things for the children, and is excited to have her extra money go toward food for families in need. 
Thank you for hosting!
Thank you to the Vancouver ALC for hosting the 2017 Foreign Mission Annual meetings during the last weekend of September.  The Foreign Mission board was blessed by your hospitality.
Thank you Vancouver, Astoria, Orchards and Clatskanie congregations for hosting Foreign Mission board pastors for services during the time of these meetings.  We thoroughly enjoyed this most wonderful time of worship and fellowship.
 The board once again remained dedicated to the Great Commission, which is the teaching and preaching of the Word of God as stated by Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures.  While we desire to go every country we work with, we again decided to only go forth when we have the Pastoral staffing to carry out the Great Commission. 

We are thankful that the  HighPoint North Carolina congregation has already asked to host our fall meetings in 2018! 

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the things whereto I sent it. Isaiah 55:11 

                               Upcoming Trips Update

Pastor Frank Famiyeh will be conducting Pastors Seminars in Togo from Oct 27-30.

On November 1st a team of six leave for a time of teaching and preaching in Kenya.
(followed by Rwanda mentioned below

On December 2:  A mission team lead by Pastor Bob Maki plan to go to Nigeria to partake in their annual ALC convention. Seminars will be held as well.  

In Mid January a trip is planned to India. There is still room for an additional nurse or two for the medical camps, as well as one or two youth.  Click HERE if interested.

On January 10th a mission trip is to South Africa is planned.  Pastors Bob Maki, Ansten Tretten, and Frank Famiyeh are going.  Should you desire to accompany them, Click HERE. 

Other trips are in the planning stages, and they will be announced when there is something more firmly arranged.

Please pray for all of these trips, that the Word will be preached, taught, and received in all Truth and purity!
The Foreign Mission will also be sending Pastor Frank Famiyeh along with Gregory Greve to Rwanda after their time in Kenya.  This marks our first journey into that country, which is only a very short inexpensive flight from Kenya. We are going there because we have been asked for multiples years to come, and their head Pastor came to be with us at our seminars last year in Kenya.

Rwanda has suffered so very much in recent history, especially with the genocide that took place in 1994 that killed up to one million people.   Virtually every family in that country was affected by this terrible event.  We pray that their are many hearts in Rwanda ready to receive God’s Holy Word! 


(Through this section in each Monthly News, we hope you can feel better connected to some of your brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.) 
Meet Deveena! 

Deveena is a women in India who came into the Christian faith some years ago.  After she repented and believed the Gospel, her life obviously changed.  This did not go over well with her drunken husband.  He would regularly beat her with sticks and such.  Yet she continued to be a light and an example of love and dedication to her Lord and to her husband.  After three years of abuse, her husbands heart was touched and broken.  He also repented and believed!

On our last trip to their village, this husband and wife team led us through the village.  This newly believing man would call from outside the home in the Telegu language, asking if we could enter the home to say a prayer. Almost every home allowed us access, until hundreds of people were prayed for and some words of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared with them.  They currently have started a tiny little church in this village where one was so badly needed.

We certainly thank God and give Him all the Glory to God for making beauty from ashes!
Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.
News From the Field 
October Update


Pastor Geovani 
 With women from Juan Ponce, Magaly (The Wife of Pastor Giovanni) has taught the poor village and church ladies to sew. They are currently working on backpacks which the kids will use next year at the school. Thanks to God we received a donation of fabric that they can use for backpacks. The school will begin in January and they need be prepared for that time. Thanks to God for the work these women are doing and thank you also for the blessing of having material to work we can be sure many kids, and their families are happy with these blessings. 

South Africa

Bishop L.Mphahlele
Above: Once a month  will be visiting a school to preach the saving Word of Jesus Christ, That is where  I will be welcomed The above high school has a great rate of drug abuse, I was invited to speak to these young soul were the Lord gave me a message to touch their hearts.
Above: the Nursing College in which I spoke to the student-nurses, There are lot of charismatic members in this college, who mostly believed in miracles and healing of people, They expected the same from me as from other Pastors who visited this college, Anyway they were not to disappointed this time as I told them that God is going to work a different miracle this time, in their hearts, Indeed God worked through some of them and they were touched by this gospel which are preached.

   Other Highlights of the Month

* Bibles have been sent this month to Pakistan from the Bible Fund

* Sunday School book printing has been supplied to South Africa with more help in other countries to come in the next few months.

* The Emergency Medical Fund has helped to repair harelip surgeries in the Philippines, which is life changing for these children and their future. This was done through funds raised in South Carolina.

* The Emergency Medical Fund helped to assist two sick men in Africa.

*  The Emergency Medical Fund helped a young girl in India who is suffering from gallbladder troubles. 

 The Foreign Mission fully understands that nothing can be accomplished except that God through His Holy Spirit would move His children to help in their individual capacity.  We certainly give all Honor, Praise, and Glory to God.  Items are put here only so you can see the various ways that you can help in the Lord's Vineyard, even if you cannot leave your home! Prayer is of top importance of course! 

Upcoming Trips 

Would you like to join us? 

Trips this year that have availability for you to join!  
  India (January 2018)
South Africa (January 2018)
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 Prayer & Praise 

>  Thanks again for your prayers for the September meetings.

>  Upcoming trips; Togo, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigera, South Africa and India. Please be in prayer for these trips.

>  Please make the Pastors and Lay Preachers in your congregation aware that your Foreign Mission needs additional pastors willing to go share the gospel throughout the world.  Please pray that God would put an urgency into the hearts of the pastors, and that God would call them into the mission field.

> Please be in prayer for our dear friend Shanti in India. She is a young girl at the childrens home in India. She is currently in the hospital with gallbladder troubles.

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