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April FM Monthly News

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...Mark 16:15


In March, Pastor Scott Niemitalo and youth leader Julie Matson led a mission trip to Guatemala.  The Firm Foundations Christian School joined us in projects which included laying blocks on the second floor of our church in Juan Ponce.  Some Guatemala ALC church members worked along with them. The group was very wonderful to work with, had great attitudes, and was very hard working. We are thankful for all that they gave and did!  Services were of course held as often as possible, as on all of our trips.     


(Through this section in each Monthly News, we hope you can feel better connected to some of your brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.) 
Kevin Salguero

Kevin is a dedicated and hard working young man in our churches in Guatemala.  It is a blessing that now the third generation of this family is taking part in the church there in Zacapa!  His grandfather was the late Pastor Antonio Salguero, and his parents are Solomon and Mary.  Kevin is going to college now, but he continues to help out so much with our mission groups, as well as the regular functions of the church!  

News From the Field  


In March, Pastor Frank Famiyeh went over to the neighboring country of Togo to hold seminars.  We are thankful for Pastor Frank, who now handles much of the teaching and preaching responsibilities in and around West Africa.



Dear Man of God,

Our brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, today we distributed the clothes, shoes and glasses at our congregation of Mukama.

All children who received clothes and shoes were very happy.
Men and women who received glasses also were happy and thankful to you. And they requested me to thank you on their behalf. God bless you friends.

We attached the photos for this action.

God bless you and God bless your family and God bless the Canada.

In Jesus Christ  Pastor Jean Claude

(Note from FM) The dresses were made and donated to the FM by church ladies in the USA, the glasses and shoes were donated as well. They were delivered by our missionaries on the last trip there.  The Bibles were purchased there with funds from the Bible Fund. 


The Bible Fund            

One person at a time, the Word of God changes lives! This incident in Kenya just happened this week.

Somehow the man in the picture, Yoves, found a way to contact the FM Adminstrator and requested a Bible. While this man was not someone we have been working with, it turned out he lived near where we have trusted people.  

Since the man really wanted a Bible, I asked one of our faithful pastors to buy a Bible and get it to him. Well, it turned out that he is a tax driver, who drove me around on one of my visits there in past years.

God works in mysterious ways! We pray that the Word of God would affect this man’s heart and life forever!

On one occasion in Kenya, I asked a taxi driver if he was a Christian. He said yes! I then asked him if he lived like a Christian. He paused, thought a while, and then truthfully answered, NO, but then went on to say, but no one in Kenya does. Well, while he used a blanket statement that we know is not true, in general yes, many say they are Christians, both in Kenya and the rest of the world, but their lives speak otherwise.

May God’s Word reach taxi drivers, and the millions of people being driven by their flesh, the world, and the devil down the broad way toward destruction.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us!

Thank you for your donations to the Bible Fund. 

- John R

   Other Highlights or Events

> This month we supplied about 50 Bibles into 2 countries in Africa.

> Due to a loving donation from a Christian family whose desire it is to promote the spreading of the Gospel around the world, this Pastor In Pakistan, was able to purchase one of these Motorbikes this week.  He will now be able to deliver The Word of God, and the Bibles that are donated through the Bible Fund,  in a more efficient fashion both locally and  to the further off villages where the Word has not reached as much.    This family also donated a motorbike for another pastor who badly needed one, as he only had a bicycle and had to pedal it for four hours to reach some of the places he ministers. 

>  Thanks to the Emergency Medical Fund a pastors family in Kenya received help for his daughters ongoing treatment for a blood disorder.    She will be on medication for life, so this donation helped him with a few months of the treatment costs,

> World Wide Bible Studies are being held Bi-Weekly on Google Hangouts!  The next one is Tuesday.

> On April 4th Pastor Bob Maki preached live to Kenya, and on April 5th, John R will as well. It is a blessing to be able to share God's Word without traveling every time!  Some of our other pastors have served in this way as well, and we are thankful for that.

> A loving family in the USA, has decided to help out with educating a very poor families children in Africa.  Others have stepped in to help feed this family. God's children working together can and do help in so many ways in His Kingdom!

 The Foreign Mission fully understands that nothing can be accomplished except that God through His Holy Spirit would move His children to help in their individual capacity.  We certainly give all Honor, Praise, and Glory to God.  Items are put here only so you can see the various ways that you can help in the Lord's Vineyard, even if you cannot leave your home! Prayer is of top importance of course! 
O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalm 107:1

Upcoming Trips 

Would you like to join us?  
Trips that are happening in the coming months!  

Guatemala in April (trip is filled up!)
More Guatemala Trips to come.

Philippines: Late May

Kenya: Fall 2019

Praying for God to send laborers for other trips in the near future, if it be His Will that we go.  Stay tuned for further announcements in this section each month!
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Praise & Prayer and Upcoming events section: 

>  Pray for Pastor Frank Famiyeh and his wife Florence as they prepare to come to the USA next month to serve in Ashburnham who called him as their guest speaker. He will also serve in Worcester, Toronto, and possibly other congregations while here for the 3 weeks!

>  Pray safe travels for the entire group going to Guatemala later this month. While not an official FM trip, the Ashburnham ALC confirmation class will be on a mission trip to Guatemala to serve in our churches from April 19th to the 26th.

>  Pray for our Pastor, Leaders, families, and friends in all the congregations we work in around the world.  God is with them always.

> This week a pastors and leaders seminar is being conducted at the church led by Pastor Fredrick.  This is the event that some from the USA are preaching at via messenger.

> There is a trip to the Philippines trip in May.  Christians from 3 different countries, USA, Canada, and Guatemala, will be serving together in the Lord's Vineyard there in southern Philippines.

May God Bless Your Month! 
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