Friday, October 15, 2010

Up Comming Trips

 On October 8 & 9th The Foreign Mission had their annual planning meeting for mission activity and trips. Please be with us in prayer that the Lord will continue by His Great Grace to allow us to be of use in His Vineyard. Men make plans, but it is God who decides what and where His work gets done. We are comforted to know that all the mission work that God wants done, will get done, so we just pray that God would allow us to be part of it!

The FM would once again like to place an open invitation for interested people to join us in the mission field, as we endeavor to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature…

Here is the schedule of trips, most of which have room for fellow Christians to come along! (all trips are self funded, except for the Pastors)

End of November and Early December 2010: Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Russia

Late January 2011: Philippines, Vietnam

Late January 2011: into Feb. 2010 India

April to June 2011: 2 trips by Dennis Hilman to areas To Be Announced (as needs arise)

Russia (2nd trip): either May – June, or August 2011  TBA

Dates TBA but probably early 2011: Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka (1 trip for leaders, but group can choose 1 to 3 destinations.)

Late August 2011: South Africa

The Foreign Mission is looking forward to being joined in the Vineyard of the Lord by Christians with a heart for this important work.

Feel free to email John at for more details.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recent trips

The Foreign Mission is so thankful that two more Foreign Mission trips have been blessed by the Lord, and all involved have returned safely home.

Scott Niemitala and Carl Niemitalo have just returned from Guatemala.   It was indeed special that Carl was able to go there for the first time in a while, after having so faithfully served in the Lord's vineyard in that country for about 40 years.

Dennis Hilman just returned from 2 weeks in Latvia.  This was the first time back in many years for Dennis, who has been there some 40 times in past years.    An article on this trip will be posted here soon!