Monday, January 31, 2011

Youth on a Mission!

It is so wonderful to have young people on a mission trip!  The Foreign Mission is so thankful for the entire team as they have served so wonderfully!   Here are some pictures and explainations from Lana regarding the work they did in India with the children at a school in the slums.

  The children really enjoyed playing “Jada Says”.  It took them a few rounds to understand the concept, but once they caught on, it was hard to get them out!

This girl really stood out in her brilliant blue dress.  The colors in India are so vivid!
Here we are with the entire group of children we ministered to in the slum church.
One of the elderly women from the Quarry Market Church waiting to present Pastor Phil with a garland.   This is a very poor church where not many years ago the pastor was beheaded during the service!  God has be with us and has protected us on the trip, and we pray that it would continue!
Please continue to pray!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The door is ajar!

The lady below came to work at the community building that was right next to our open tent where we were conducting services.   Soon, we noticed that she was making work just to stay there to hear.  Finally, she gave up and sat in the door that was ajar to listen!  

This was a Hindu lady hearing the Word of God most likely for the first time in her life!    We pray for her and the about 1 billion other Indian people that do not know Jesus as their Saviour.  

We pray the door would be left ajar for a while still, so more can hear the Word of God.

The man below, could not help himself from stopping to listen as he pedaled by!   God knows the hearts of these two, and we know He is in control!  May He cause their ears to hear! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

From India!

The Foreign Mission is so thankful that the entire team has safely arrived in India.

After about 1 hour of rest, we all went to the pastors' training sessions, where 150 pastors were already gathered.   

After having garlands placed on our necks,
and each of our 8 team members were introduced,

 the ladies left and went to begin teaching the children at a slum area school.  

It is wonderful to be able to cover several aspects of the work in the Lord's Kingdom at one time in this way.

After the pastors' training sessions are over, we will all be together for the large convention-type services where up to 2000 people are expected.

Please keep this time in your prayers, as we know that we can do nothing in ourselves.  

To God be the Glory!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Philippines

Greetings from the Philippines!

Thank you for your prayers for safe travels! Please continue to pray for this time, as we know our strength only comes from the Lord.

We are so thankful that even after some late flights, missed flights, and 2 days of flying, we all ended up at our destination in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines on schedule!

Here we must stay in a hotel since the people do not have homes of the sort to fit our bunch into.   The first night we went to the church on the hill, where many tires filled with mud in the only way up.   It is wonderful to worship in this hiltop church where the sound can waft out over the entire village below!

On Thurday our venue was changed to a borrowed larger open air (top floor, no side walls) church in the city.  Here Dennis Hilman did the biblical teaching/preaching on God's Plan, and sermons were  preached.  Singing was also an important part of the day, as was the praying and individual fellowship with our Christian friends in this country!.

It again is a huge blessing to have young people on the trip.  They are such a blessing to the people here as they sing, do home visits, pray, and do many other things in the mission field.   Thank you for coming, Julie, Jada, Leona! (Julie Matson and Jad Questan pictured)

Today the pastor here has seen fit that the people at this "little convention" are put into action in the battle for souls.  We are going to the villages homes in small groups, and will be going home to home speaking to people, praying for them, inviting them to church, and so forth!   As servants of the Lord, we will go and do as directed by our hosts! 

On Saturday we drive 7 hours to a different city to have several services in that area, including a large gathering of multiple churches on Sunday.

Until we can update again!  
In His Service, The Philippino Crew!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FM Monthly News Report.

Note: The trip reports are immediately below this News Report

Note: For a copy of this report in a better format, please email 
(this is shortened!)

January 2011 Foreign Mission News Report

Dear monthly readers! God’s Peace!
The Foreign Mission desires that each person reading this would have a most Blessed New Year in our Lord. Let this be a year in which we count our very many blessings, realizing that all good and perfect gifts come from above.

Let’s remember each day, to be so thankful for our daily bread. It is scriptural that we work by the sweat of our brow. However, let us also know that it is God whom provides our daily bread and all of life’s real necessities. Let’s not look at all the waves of trouble around us, rather let us gaze heavenward upon our Lord, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and what He has saved us from and for, by His life, suffering, death, and resurrection.

The Foreign Mission desires to thank each of you for your wonderful and generous support in 2010. Many have prayed, some have physically joined us in the mission field, and many have supported with financial donations. You will be getting a receipt for all 2010 donations within the month.

Below is a quick snap shot view of what the Lord has allowed your Foreign Mission to do in His Vineyard in 2010.
May all Glory, Honor, Praise, and Thanksgiving go to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Lord’s Work through the Foreign Mission. 2010 At a Glance!

• The Word of God was proclaimed by ALCA preachers in numerous countries around the world. The Word of God was heard by great multitudes of people. Listed here are the countries actually visited, followed by an estimated number of people attending services on these trips.. (we understand it is not in the numbers, and we are so thankful for each person that is transformed by the gospel!) Also listed is the number of indigenous pastors that were under the hearing and teaching of the Word of God on these mission trips.

1) Philippines About 2000 Pastors 40

2) India 10,000 Pastors 300

3) Russia, 500 Pastors 4

4) Guatemala 500 Pastors 3

5) South Africa 3000 Pastors 10

6) Ghana 400 Pastors 6

7) Kenya 400 Pastors 20

8) Liberia 1500 Pastors 8

9) Togo 800 Pastors 37

10) Sri Lanka 300 Pastors 2

11) Latvia 300 Pastors 2

NOTE: In most of these countries, the number of people that attend services in congregations whose pastors have been under the hearing of the Word of God on these trips, far exceeds the numbers above. For instance in India alone, the number of congregants is more like 120,000 people. In fact the best available number of members in ALCA churches outside the USA is about 140,000.

Other Highlights of 2010

• Bibles were handed out by our missionaries in the following countries. Liberia, Kenya, India, The Philippines

• Baptisms took place in many of the countries visited.

• Confirmation classes held in Guatemala

• Sunday School teaching and instruction in South Africa by FM sent person.

• Special large services sponsored by the FM were held in Apostolic Lutheran Church of Pakistan at Christmas and Easter.

• Earthquake relief in Haiti ( a small earmarked special donation)

• Bible College Support in Myanmar

• Orphan support (through special earmarked donations) in India and Kenya
• Donations of numerous bicycles (for poor pastors: to help them reach more people) and musical instruments (for churches) in India.

• Drilling of 12 wells in India to provide water for poor Indian Christians. (private donations)
• Church construction in India (1 church) and Guatemala (1 church + renovations) Again, all by private donations.

• Skype sermons to India monthly.

• The Weekly Diner was published weekly reaching thousands of people each week.
• Website available to the world at
• Too many other items to list here…. MAY GOD BE THANKED

The Foreign Mission Monthly News and Prayer Requests

• The Foreign Mission is so thankful all the missionaries that were in the field in December (since your last monthly email) have made it safely home. 

• Pictures from the Kenya trip are available for viewing by clicking here:
• Please pray for the FM Mission trips that depart this month to The Philippines, Vietnam, and India. Pray for safety, and revelation by the Holy Spirit to both the missionaries and the hearers of the Word of God. We are so thankful that many youth are participating in these trips as well! Updates will be put on the blog (above) during the trip.

Specific projects available for individual donors to participate in this month!

Email: to participate

Note: direct feedback will be received by donors; i.e.: pictures, videos, names!

• Help for children in Kenya who have no parents or orphanage to live at. (housed by Pastor Charles whom we just visited. Need: Donations for blankets, pillows, food, and wood to make beds so they do not have to sleep on mud floors. (all donations should be monetary, and items will be purchased in Kenya)

• Plot of land for a much needed church building in Ghana. People have worshiped for 5 years in a home, and now they need a church in order to continue.
• Church in Guatemala still needs completion.

• Motorbikes for poor pastors. (for areas that bicycles are not suitable due to distances and road conditions)

Regular Support Options and Programs

Here are various ways that you can help in the mission field!

• Foreign Mission General Fund. (any amount welcomed!)

• 12 Month Pledge Program ($10 per mo. and up)

• Indigenous Pastor support ($30 per month per pastor) Names and pictures given.

• Full time Missionary support ($200 per quarter) Dennis Hilman

• Orphan and children support ($30 per month.) in ALC Home in India Pictures and videos supplied.

• Bible and other book purchases ($30 min.)

• Bicycles for pastors ($80 ea. picture given)

• Memorial Funds

• Endowment Funds

• Mission Hospital in India 

TO Donate online go to 

Email: for more info if desired at

To Donate by check in response to this email: The Foreign Mission 1601 NW 4th Avenue, Battle Ground, WA 98604

May God Bless your Month and Year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Special Fresh Greetings from Liberia to wish you a warm and wonderful New Year!

In the middle of December Paul Somero and I returned from a blessed time out in the eastern Liberian backwoods of Grand Gedeh County - actually a state. We were based it's capital of Zwedru which is quite close to the border of the troubled Ivory Coast.

The 10-11 hour ride each way from the capital city of Monrovia would even have been worse than ever except that this time we got hold of an air-conditioned Jeep-type vehicle. The bone-jarring jolts along the entire journey were not softened much by the Jeep but we did avoid all those hours of billowing red dust in the car that we have had to put up with on previous trips as well as the excessive sweating since most days were in the 90's. When we got to Zwedru we found the church there and the other churches in the area to be in an active and healthy condition.

Site of the ruins of the original church in Zwedru. This church was actually visited by both Pastors Andrew Mickelson and Gus Kandoll in the early 1970's. Later destroyed during the long civil war that only ended five years ago. "Mama Taru" the woman in this picture, was the wife of the late president of the church in Liberia. She was present at this church building during the visits of Mickelson and Kandoll! On the left is Pastor Othello S.Tyne, President of the Apostolic Lutheran Church in Liberia. Beside him Evangelist D. Christian Bowah.

Presenting Bibles to the Lieutenant Governor. In Zwedru our first obligation was to go to report in to the Governor of the state of Grand Gedeh (quite a grand name for a not-so-grand reality). He actually was unable to receive us just when we arrived at the state offices but the lieutenant governor welcomed us and received the gifts of Bibles we had brought for three of the top officials that day. For the Governor we had prepared a special leather-bound volume.

Later the Governor himself (on the left in red/orange shirt) had a special audience for us thanking us profusely for the beautiful Bible he had received and confessing a warm and living faith in Jesus Christ. Through his office and by his special personal sanction and assistance we were able to schedule a unique crusade evening in the main square of the city (which is actually a triangle) that Saturday night, which I will return to later.

While in the office of the lieutenant governor we were also promised permission to visit the local prison. Here outside the prison walls with the Prison Director (in the white T-shirt) and some of the staff of the UN Security Force (from India) who guard the prison.

This developed into two visits to the rather new prison. During the first one about 35 inmates were gathered and enthusiastically received the Word - singing from the heart their songs of faith and joy (above). At that time we arranged to return a few days later and deliver about 50 Bibles to the prisoners - that is ten Bibles for each of their five blocks, totalling 150 prisoners.

What happened when we returned with the Bibles on Tuesday is almost indescribable. When we approached the gates we heard powerful singing. "They are waiting for you!" the prison director announced as he met us at the gate. And were they ever!!! A great majority of all of the 150 prisoners were now gathered in the main room singing with POWER and enthusiasm. We were in no way expecting this since we thought we were just going to drop off the Bibles. But there we all were suddenly on the platform and I was preaching a completely un-prepared but Spirit-given sermon to one of the most enthusiastic crowds I have even had the humble honour of facing. When I invited any of them who felt the weight of sin upon their hearts and consciences to come forward in confession before the Heavenly Father, first one man came trembling forward and then another and another until at least half of the men were crowded around the podium in penitence with bowed heads receiving the blessed Gospel assurance of the forgiveness of all of their sins in Jesus name and atoning blood.

And then when they all sang afterwards there were no more bars left around their hearts and souls and it was as if the roof would just fly off. God is so wonderfully good and so is the Chassel congregation for donating the Bibles to this prison and many other people in need of them during this week.

For all of the Bibles we were able to deliver those days in Zwedru we owe a great debt of gratitude, as I said, to the to the Chassel Congregation and Matthew and James Niemela. 172 very nice regular KJV Bibles, 10 in the local language (most people in Liberia are very well versed in English and read their Bible in English), and 15 big large print leather bound Bibles were purchased at the Bible Society in Liberia.

These were transported by car from Monrovia to Zwedru. Here with a Liberian friend Pastor Natt.

Family father in Zwedru with his cherished new Bible. Most people are literate and well-versed in English

After the regular worship service on Sunday it was time to begin morning Bible studies for members of the Zwedru congregation, as well as those of other local congregations, from Monday to Thursday. Brother Paul and I shared the responsibility for these four day sessions.....which actually turned out to be far more in-depth and richer than we had anticipated. On Wednesday evening the four days of revival services began. But who would have anticipated that it would be the Governor himself who recommended the main city square as the venue for the final one on Saturday evening.....and then to even offer his support to see that we could pull it off with God's help!! The revival services on Wednesday-Friday evenings were held at the church and were very well attended but the crusade evening on Saturday night really broke the barriers.

Most fortunately when God provided us with a driver from Monrovia to Zwedru He not only provided us with someone who could manoeuvre a car well on those awful roads hour upon hour (note all those extra gallons of gas for the road), but in the same wonderful person, named Otis Pope, he provided a living Christian brother, a sound and light technician and a talented musician! It was Otis who organized everything technical for Saturday evening - including a projector (provided by Paul) and big screen so that everyone could follow what was happening . He also took responsibility for seeing that there were plenty of lights, microphones and speakers to cover the necessities. He was everywhere, capable of "everything". A driver mind you! A simple driver!

(In this picture he is dressed in preparedness for the long journey from Monrovia to Zwedru - IN AIR CONDITIONING. Africans aren't used to that!)

Getting ready for the big evening - before it got dark. Darkness always falls just after 6:00 p.m. in Liberia. Paul and I standing with Pastor Dickson Dweh, vice president of the Apostolic Lutheran Church of Liberia and head pastor of the church in Zwedru.

A gifted and devoted group of some 20 "prayer warriors" led the praise and worship prelude and assisted throughout the whole evening. Some of the men are missing in this picture, which was taken before the evening began, because they were involved in setting things up.

Preaching in the central "square". Uncounted people gathered in the rather dark perimeters around us, making it difficult to get a good picture of them.

After the sermon on the Good Samaritan an invitation went out to anyone who "had been left by the wayside", who were burdened by sin, guilt, doubt or fear, and then at least 50 or 60 especially young people and even children came forward in penitence to confess their faith, receive the absolution in Jesus name and blood and a fervent prayer for their souls. And through it all the Governor sat in the front row and even brought his own short powerful personal message before the sermon. It was all truly exhilarating and very humbling......and all on the big screen (which could be seen from both front and back!) for the whole town to see (and hear). The first of it's kind in the state of Grand Gedeh!

We estimated that over a thousand people crowded around that big main triangle of the city on that Saturday night. It was awesome and inspiring (and for me who was scheduled to speak, a bit daunting!). It was also awesome to see how the Zwedru congregation conducted the big service that evening.

Sunday we had a very special long service at the church which was particularly characterized as a farewell occasion for Paul and me. In addition to my sermon there was a lot of special music and singing after which they presented a special certificate of appreciation for the teaching and preaching God had allowed me to do and Paul and I were robed in special chieftain's shirts and given Liberian names. (That's Pastor Dickson on the left and Evangelist Chrsitian on the right). I have already sent a picture of Paul and me in our chieftain's togas with my Christmas letter so I won't repeat that here. That Sunday service was a wonderful celebration which concluded a truly blessed twelve days in Zwedru.

"We're in this together!". Paul comforting an older Liberian sister. Making this trip together with Paul was a most rewarding experience. He is such a wonderfully compassionate, generous and spiritually-minded person who makes a difference wherever he goes! It was Paul or Paul's camera that took most of the pictures included in this article.
Back at our unique Hotel Kendeja by the Atlantic Ocean in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. At this hotel every day at 8:00 we were able to gather in a part of the laundry room with the service staff of the hotel to share in their morning devotions - in the Word, in prayer and in singing spiritual songs. How refreshing!! That's Liberia!

So do have a blessed New Year and keep me in mind as I head to S.E. Asia on January 17, God willing.

In God's love and peace,   Dennis