Monday, January 31, 2011

Youth on a Mission!

It is so wonderful to have young people on a mission trip!  The Foreign Mission is so thankful for the entire team as they have served so wonderfully!   Here are some pictures and explainations from Lana regarding the work they did in India with the children at a school in the slums.

  The children really enjoyed playing “Jada Says”.  It took them a few rounds to understand the concept, but once they caught on, it was hard to get them out!

This girl really stood out in her brilliant blue dress.  The colors in India are so vivid!
Here we are with the entire group of children we ministered to in the slum church.
One of the elderly women from the Quarry Market Church waiting to present Pastor Phil with a garland.   This is a very poor church where not many years ago the pastor was beheaded during the service!  God has be with us and has protected us on the trip, and we pray that it would continue!
Please continue to pray!

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