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FM Monthly News Report.

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January 2011 Foreign Mission News Report

Dear monthly readers! God’s Peace!
The Foreign Mission desires that each person reading this would have a most Blessed New Year in our Lord. Let this be a year in which we count our very many blessings, realizing that all good and perfect gifts come from above.

Let’s remember each day, to be so thankful for our daily bread. It is scriptural that we work by the sweat of our brow. However, let us also know that it is God whom provides our daily bread and all of life’s real necessities. Let’s not look at all the waves of trouble around us, rather let us gaze heavenward upon our Lord, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and what He has saved us from and for, by His life, suffering, death, and resurrection.

The Foreign Mission desires to thank each of you for your wonderful and generous support in 2010. Many have prayed, some have physically joined us in the mission field, and many have supported with financial donations. You will be getting a receipt for all 2010 donations within the month.

Below is a quick snap shot view of what the Lord has allowed your Foreign Mission to do in His Vineyard in 2010.
May all Glory, Honor, Praise, and Thanksgiving go to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Lord’s Work through the Foreign Mission. 2010 At a Glance!

• The Word of God was proclaimed by ALCA preachers in numerous countries around the world. The Word of God was heard by great multitudes of people. Listed here are the countries actually visited, followed by an estimated number of people attending services on these trips.. (we understand it is not in the numbers, and we are so thankful for each person that is transformed by the gospel!) Also listed is the number of indigenous pastors that were under the hearing and teaching of the Word of God on these mission trips.

1) Philippines About 2000 Pastors 40

2) India 10,000 Pastors 300

3) Russia, 500 Pastors 4

4) Guatemala 500 Pastors 3

5) South Africa 3000 Pastors 10

6) Ghana 400 Pastors 6

7) Kenya 400 Pastors 20

8) Liberia 1500 Pastors 8

9) Togo 800 Pastors 37

10) Sri Lanka 300 Pastors 2

11) Latvia 300 Pastors 2

NOTE: In most of these countries, the number of people that attend services in congregations whose pastors have been under the hearing of the Word of God on these trips, far exceeds the numbers above. For instance in India alone, the number of congregants is more like 120,000 people. In fact the best available number of members in ALCA churches outside the USA is about 140,000.

Other Highlights of 2010

• Bibles were handed out by our missionaries in the following countries. Liberia, Kenya, India, The Philippines

• Baptisms took place in many of the countries visited.

• Confirmation classes held in Guatemala

• Sunday School teaching and instruction in South Africa by FM sent person.

• Special large services sponsored by the FM were held in Apostolic Lutheran Church of Pakistan at Christmas and Easter.

• Earthquake relief in Haiti ( a small earmarked special donation)

• Bible College Support in Myanmar

• Orphan support (through special earmarked donations) in India and Kenya
• Donations of numerous bicycles (for poor pastors: to help them reach more people) and musical instruments (for churches) in India.

• Drilling of 12 wells in India to provide water for poor Indian Christians. (private donations)
• Church construction in India (1 church) and Guatemala (1 church + renovations) Again, all by private donations.

• Skype sermons to India monthly.

• The Weekly Diner was published weekly reaching thousands of people each week.
• Website available to the world at
• Too many other items to list here…. MAY GOD BE THANKED

The Foreign Mission Monthly News and Prayer Requests

• The Foreign Mission is so thankful all the missionaries that were in the field in December (since your last monthly email) have made it safely home. 

• Pictures from the Kenya trip are available for viewing by clicking here:
• Please pray for the FM Mission trips that depart this month to The Philippines, Vietnam, and India. Pray for safety, and revelation by the Holy Spirit to both the missionaries and the hearers of the Word of God. We are so thankful that many youth are participating in these trips as well! Updates will be put on the blog (above) during the trip.

Specific projects available for individual donors to participate in this month!

Email: to participate

Note: direct feedback will be received by donors; i.e.: pictures, videos, names!

• Help for children in Kenya who have no parents or orphanage to live at. (housed by Pastor Charles whom we just visited. Need: Donations for blankets, pillows, food, and wood to make beds so they do not have to sleep on mud floors. (all donations should be monetary, and items will be purchased in Kenya)

• Plot of land for a much needed church building in Ghana. People have worshiped for 5 years in a home, and now they need a church in order to continue.
• Church in Guatemala still needs completion.

• Motorbikes for poor pastors. (for areas that bicycles are not suitable due to distances and road conditions)

Regular Support Options and Programs

Here are various ways that you can help in the mission field!

• Foreign Mission General Fund. (any amount welcomed!)

• 12 Month Pledge Program ($10 per mo. and up)

• Indigenous Pastor support ($30 per month per pastor) Names and pictures given.

• Full time Missionary support ($200 per quarter) Dennis Hilman

• Orphan and children support ($30 per month.) in ALC Home in India Pictures and videos supplied.

• Bible and other book purchases ($30 min.)

• Bicycles for pastors ($80 ea. picture given)

• Memorial Funds

• Endowment Funds

• Mission Hospital in India 

TO Donate online go to 

Email: for more info if desired at

To Donate by check in response to this email: The Foreign Mission 1601 NW 4th Avenue, Battle Ground, WA 98604

May God Bless your Month and Year!

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