Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Monthly Report

Our annual convention now complete! It was a huge blessing to be at these services! May God continue to bless our church and country so that we could continue to meet like this into the future.

Thank you to the Hockinson congregation for the wonderful job of hosting the convention. So many people worked so hard to make it all happen. They were so very friendly and easy to work with. Also, thanks to the many people from other western congregations that joined in the work as well. May God Bless you all for you kindness!
It was wonderful to have our many foreign guests with us. They reported that they were warmly received and welcomed. This is greatly appreciated.

The youth gatherings were huge at this year’s convention. Hundreds of youth gathered to listen to messages, sing, and be together. We are so thankful for our youth, as they ARE a FULL PART of our church today, not only in the days ahead.
The Foreign Mission Monthly News and Prayer Requests

• Dennis Hilman is finally getting some rest time in Finland after many months of being in the mission field. The plan is for Dennis to be in America and Canada at the end of July and August. Keep an eye open for him in Michigan (Ironwood youth camp in Watersmeet) and perhaps quick visits to congregations and individuals in the UP. Also, Lord willing, he will be attending the fall services in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada.

• Following this trip, Dennis heads back into the mission field, most likely to destinations in Africa. Exact dates and places to be determined soon.

• This is the time of year that the Foreign Mission has completed the scheduled yearly cycle of trips around the world. They will be meeting to set up a budget and schedule for a new cycle of similar mission trips. Please check the green latest news blog on the website in the coming months to see which trips are scheduled. You can also email: foreignmission@comcast.net for trip information.

• Please be aware that you can read all of the blogs and the Where He Leads newsletter on our main website at www.themissionsite.com

• Pastors please note: “The Weekly Diner” Pastors and other Christians are encouraged to contribute articles for this weekly email publication that goes throughout the world! Articles are in short supply during this busy summer season.

• Church visits are being fully enjoyed by the administrator of the FM. All Sundays are booked until September, as well as certain week nights.

• Thank you to all that visited the Foreign Mission table at the convention. It is always so enjoyable to chat with Christians from around the USA.

• Please remember to pray for the hundreds of congregations and pastors that your Foreign Mission works with, visits and fellowships with across the world. So many desire your prayer support, and they would love to fellowship with you if it were possible. Congregation in India. (Size of congregation 400 No church building, street meetings are held. Very impoverished people. In this congregation a pastor was beheaded about 4 years ago during the service)

Special Projects for this Month

Donations can be specially earmarked for these special causes

• South African Sunday School Teaching with Leona Matson. We are about half way to our goal for funds for Leona’s trip and supplies. Thank you to all who have helped so far. For more info email foreignmission@comcast.net Leona will be in SA from September until November. Please pray for her.

• Juan Ponce, Guatemala. Progress is going well. Continued church building fund. About 60 to 70% complete.

• Bibles, altar books, Sunday school material, Principles of the Doctrine, and other books are being sent out to various countries as needed. The FM desires to continue to do this.

• Thank you to The Masters Mission and individuals for help with the funding of a church building in India. This project is about to enter the 3rd and final phase of construction.

Note: Due to the travel schedule around the USA from late June until the end of August by the author of these reports, they will be shorter during this time frame. Please pray for safe travels! Visiting with many of you has been enjoyed, and with others it is being looked forward to!

May God Bless your summer!


Regular Support Options and Programs

Here are various ways that you can help in the mission field!

• Foreign Mission General Fund. (any amount welcomed!)

• 12 Month Pledge Program ($10 per mo. and up)

• Indigenous Pastor support ($30 per month per pastor) Names and pictures given.

• Full time Missionary support ($200 per quarter) Dennis Hilman

• Orphan and children support ($30 per month.) in ALC Home in India Pictures and videos supplied.

• Bible and other book purchases ($30 min.)

• Bicycles for pastors ($80 ea. picture given)

• Memorial Funds

• Endowment Funds

• Wells in India: $500 per well

• Mission Hospital in India

Email: for more info if desired at foreignmission@comcast.net

You can very easily donate to any above cause, and even set up for automatic monthly payments by clicking on PaySimple below:

To Donate by check in response to this email: The Foreign Mission 1601 NW 4th Avenue, Battle Ground, WA 98604
Website: www.themissionsite.com