Friday, July 17, 2015

Upcoming Trips

The Upcoming Mission Trips are as Follows: 
We request your prayers as we endeavor to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel..." Mark 16:15
Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in joining us CLICK HERE. Also please check back often for updates and additions.

October 2015:  

November 2015: 

January 2015:

 February 2016:

To Be Announced 
(several trips in the coming year) 

July Monthly News

Endeavoring to obey the Word of our Lord...Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. 

107th Annual Convention
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17 This was the theme verse at this years annual convention held in New York Mills, MN. Thank you Spruce Grove congregation for hosting and all those who worked hard to make this possible. It was a wonderful weekend of messages from God's Word and fellowship with the believers. For those who missed The Foreign Mission presentation on Saturday here is a link. This explains the where, why, what and who of your Foreign Mission. 

Have you been on a trip with the Foreign Mission and have picture of a group that does not appear in the slide show? We would love to add it! Please email it to 

Please pray for wisdom as The Foreign Mission communicates with new countries. As seen below, requests come often and the FM communicates for a long period of time before stepping forward. 
God is good all the time!! 
My brother John, Please, come to visit us (Rwanda )!! It will joy as you will share the Gospel to Rwandans. 
Is any plan about that visit?
God bless you and God bless the America.
In Christ,
Jean Claude 

What does the Foreign Mission do when they are not overseas? 

The Foreign Mission administrator, his wife, and our Youth Leader had a blessed time with various church visits in the USA and Canada this summer. Thank you to each congregation that hosted us. 

Ryan Ruotsala, who rarely leaves Guatemala, will be the guest speaker at the Watersmeet Youth Camp hosted by the Ironwood ALC. He will also be speaking on July 30th at the Bible Camp held at Camp Lahti., as well as visiting the Negaunee ALC for a FM presentation August 2nd.  Hopefully after these events he can finally have some very much needed rest in Ironwood. 

Dennis Hilman and Marilyn spent time in Watertown and Lake Norden, South Dakota, doing presentations and visits about the Mission, as well as preaching! They are going to Guatemala in August before leaving for an extended time in India in September. 

Would you help us out? We need people willing to print this map and replace the outdated informational map in your church. Click here to contact us and we will email  you the file!

Support options 

Email or click on the Donate link above for regular support options.
Special projects
Only funded with earmarked funds

Bible Funds and Sunday School book funds are always needed!  (see the pic below of the girl so happy to have a Sunday School book!) 

Emergency Medical Fund: 
- This fund is depleted.  Please note that fund operates solely on special donations. It is such a blessing to have a few dollars to use in those specific situations that God shows us that we must help out with. 
Top five list: Please be aware that the FM administrator keeps a list of the most needed humanitarian projects around the world where the FM works!  These are not funded by general FM funds. You can receive this list by email for you or your group to check over and decide what you would like to work toward funding!   Click here to email! 

Upcoming events

>  It is time to sign up for a future FM trip! You are welcome!  Click here
>  Upcoming trips that we invite you to join us on are:  South Africa, Kenya, India, Ghana, Togo, Guatemala, and others! 

Prayer and praise

>We praise the Lord for the blessed time at the 2015 Convention 

> We are happy to report that Simeon is now home from the hospital.  He still needs care and regular checkups, and the hospital bill is not yet fully paid. They only let him go since they were finally convinced that making the bill larger will only make paying more difficult.   

> The Foreign Mission is thanking Dan Olin, Chad Kuivanen and Shane Juuti for their faithful service to the FM Board.  The three new board members are Ansten Tretten, Raymond Hilman, and Michael Krupinov.   Welcome abroad! 
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