Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 2014 Foreign Mission News

..preach the Gospel:

This month we have all been united in the observance of Holy Week and Easter.  What a blessed time of year it is for Christians!  We were reminded and we focused once again on these most important and blessed events.  However, for all true believers, these events are not just one week per year, they are our very life and being!  What Jesus has done and accomplished for us, has become our reality, and our life!

Some of the first words that Jesus spoke when He showed himself after the resurrection were:
Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.  Mark 16:15

This month the Lord has allowed us to once again go into the following places:   Pastors Robert Maki and Dennis HIlman finished up in West Africa. (Ghana and Togo).      Dennis Hilman has moved on to India where he will serve together with his wife Marilyn until May 20th.  It is nice to have them there only a few months after our larger trip to India.  They will be doing individual congregational visits, as opposed to the large gatherings and pastors seminars held earlier.

At the current time, the Foreign Mission is honored to have in Guatemala, the confirmation class from the Ashburnham, MA ALC, together with some of their parents, Pastor Colin Kinnunen, and the FM country leader for Guatemala,  Pastor Scott Niemitalo.  They are serving in all three of our churches in that lovely country, as well as doing home visits and so forth. This is another testament to the fact that one does not have to be a pastor to serve in the mission field. (the picture above is this group together with others in our Zacapa, Guatemala church.)  Please feel free to join us as the Lord leads you!  Click here to begin an email conversation should you desire.

May God bless all the efforts done around the world, and may we each of us be a willing servant should He choose to use us in His Vineyard!

May God Bless your Month!

Word from the field:

  Dear Pastor John, God's Peace !!!
I am sending greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus.
The Lutheran Church of Christ of Togo,The Board , all the members and the Sister Churches through this mail are sending their thanks to you ,to FMB/ALCA for the help and making everything possible for the success of this seminar in Togo.
Personally I thank you within my heart in the name of Jesus.Everything went on well and all the Participants,Pastors are very happy and equipped by these Teachings and Preachings.We keep our relationship in prayer so that God help for the work in Togo.
Pastor Bob and Pastor Dennis will give you the report of their wonderful seminar.We look forward to working closely for the sake of the Gospel as it is writen in Matthew 28: 18--20 and in Romans 10 : 14---15.
May the Lord bless your day ,your family and all your collaborators.
Thank you for your call last week.


ALC Churches Worldwide

The above ALC mission church is in a most wonderful location.  It is in one of the worlds largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya.   Notice the large speaker outside so the sermons are broadcasted to the countless poor people living close-by.   This year we endeavor to have many special services in this very impoverished area.

Special Needs Section

All the items posted here each month are funded by your special earmarked donations, not from the FM general fund.

This month the below needs were brought forth during the recent trip to Liberia. (same as last month since the needs are not met yet)

1) Motorbike for Pastor O. (to reach more people than is possible by walking)
2) Bibles, Catechisms, other books badly needed.


Upcoming events

> After the convention in WA there will be a special time with the Foreign Pastors on July 14 and 15. Please attend these session if you plan to come on a mission trip within the next few years, or if you have an interest in missions!
.> A trip or trips to Russia is being planned for July and beyond!


Prayer and praise

> Please pray that the events taking place with Russia do not hinder mission work from being done there.
> Give Thanks, Glory, and Honor to the Lord, for He is good
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