Friday, February 20, 2009

Dedication and Gifts

God's Peace from India again!
I am learning the meaning of dedication in Indian terms. I will give a couple examples of this and of gifts I have seen in the Christians here.
* The children in Pastor K's orphanage during their devotions. Everyday, many times a day, at the same times. Never skipping, alway waking at 5AM to have time.

* The man who volunteered to guard the church. Enemies were burning churches. He said I will do the job every night for the rest of my life. 7 years later he is still faithful! He also prays for at least one hour every morning.

* Here in the city, the supervision pastors are so dedicated. Wherever we go, whatever the time, however far the trip, they stand at the ready. They travel by motorcycle or a different car. I have never even opened or closed the car door since I have been here. These faithful pastors are alway there. On both ends of the trip. Always supplying water and whatever else they can think of.

* Finding scripture. Many of these people can do this in far beyond record time, faster than anyone I have ever seen. What a joy. You say the scripture and they almost immediately start reading. Amazing. A true gift, but also shows dedication to study.

* Translating. Both of our translators never miss a beat. So good and so fast. A true gift.

* Clapping: This is one thing I never in my life would have called a gift. Until yesterday that is. Upon arriving in the village, we could hear the singing even before we got out of the car. When we got in the church, immediately I heard what I thought was a new instrument. They usually only have the one simple drum. This time there was something extra. I looked around and quickly discovered it was a teenage girl clapping.(pictured above)
I have never heard such a beautiful clap!

Loud, distinct, certain pitches, and she changed the tempo and timing, but every one she used was wonderful. After the service I talked to her, and told her the next time I am in India, I want to listen to her clap again! What a gift!

Last night we again took a long drive. 600 people attended. The service went until 10:30 PM or so. Afterwards there was almost of mob scene as people want to approach the visitors. One thing here that I am not used to is that the people want to be blessed personally. Sometimes over half to three fourths the congregation. Pray that they receive the blessings given as from the hand of God and by His words and not mans.
God Bless you all! John

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Gregory said...

I smile, John, to see the wonderment on your face as you travel, experience, and write about the dedication of the Christian brothers and sisters there in India. I believe you wrote in another post earlier on that these kinds of trips are "life changing".. Well, I have said it before and I will say it again, I think every Christian should be sentenced to six months of mission work.. Perhaps then more of us would let Jesus out of the comfortable box that we tend to keep him in.

May our blessed Lord continue to watch over and bless you and Dennis, and all those dear souls you meet as you travel there.

You are certainly in our prayers.