Monday, March 1, 2010

India from the eyes of Dennis!

Hi everybody and here's the latest from the most populous "peninsula" in the whole world.

Jesus is Lord!    Dennis

Team India!    

Note from JR.  (I am sorry but for safety concerns, for the online version all last names had to be removed.)

Things are going great here in India, by the great grace of God and with the addition of a wonderful team which arrived here on February 18th when we began serving together in Pastor K's area. Heading the team is of course John, the administrator for the Foreign Mission of the ALCA. His son Bruce has also joined us - a young man with an awareness, interest and perception of everything happening around him that is par none. Then came Emily from Canada, and Carmelle, a nurse from WA.. And of course there had to be more of my relatives, Terri Ann from Canada who is also a nurse as well, and Shandra, currently from Idaho, completed the group.
Team India, from left to right Terri Ann, John, Bruce, Carmelle, Dennis, Emily and Shandra

Can you imagine opening one of those many huge outdoor meetings - with up to 2000 people in attendance - and having this very engaged team of young people each come forward with a greeting and/or a Bible verse and all of us joining together singing "To God Be The Glory" through the powerful PA system, with the whole audience involved. And then as God opens His word with John or I preaching - just having all of them backing us up in prayer on the dais behind us is a wonderful feeling. When the sermon is over that is not all. At the end of the meetings the whole crowd comes forward and we pray for them individually!

Talk about powerful!

Youthful exhuberance and energy on a firm foundation - a stockpile of a million or so bricks at a brick factory where all is done by hand.

                          The women at the well in their new saris arranged by Pastor K's wife Ruth
Now all of the pastors seminars have been completed - in four different areas.- the largest one being with over 150 pastors. The response to them has been very inspiring and encouraging. This year I included sessions on (1) "God's Plan" (for our lives, ministries and salvation), (2) "Living in God's Will", (3) "Lasting Change" ( a participant-oriented walk through of confession, forgiveness and absolution), (4) "Spiritual Conflict", (5) "The Office of the Holy Spirit" and as an inspirational conclusion (6) "The Example of Daniel". One short seminar and a big meeting was even held in Pastor MP's area.

Smallest pastors seminar in Vizag. Pastor K and his wife Ruth on left.

Another area that the young team has been particularly involved in is the Medical Clinics.that we have had in many areas. In each area one or more doctors have been involved to diagnose the needy (and colourful!) groups of those lining up for the free medical services. The young ladies in our team have then dispensed the medicines prescribed with the nurses taking blood pressure and administrating the necessary injections. "Making people cry", like Carmelle puts it. Over 500 people have been treated at these five clinics, which have always been arranged in conjunction with services. "The Great Physician was so near, the very healing Jesus!"

In readiness for one of the many free medical camps - this one on a housetop.

Some of the over 500 people who have lined up and been treated at these free medical services in the many different places.

Terri Ann - a shot is serious business. "Making them cry"

This week we have been serving in Dr. Kumar's area. Big meetings and clinics will continue until we leave on Friday, March 5th. Keep us in your prayers. There are many hair-raising drives still ahead of us, the need for health and rest is always before us, and so is our daily dependence on our Heavenly Father to open His Word and make the reality of Jesus love living each day in our own hearts and in the hearts of our listeners. We have been encouraged to find out that our audiences often consist of up to thirty percent "outsiders" - mostly interested Hindus invited by Christian friends.
Dr Kumar diagnosing a patient at his hospital where free medical clinics will also be held.

All in all both Pastor K and Doctor Kumar, their wives and staffs have demonstrated great compassion towards us and almost amazing skills at coordinating our schedule, arranging meetings and being ultimately responsible for the Pastors Seminars. We owe them a great debt of gratitude!

Team India in traditional dress with the every present flower garlands - draped around our necks as a sign of welcome and honour on virtually every occasion.

May God keep you in His peace and love!


March 1, 2010

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