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January 2017 Monthly News

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...Mark 16:15

“....Behold All Things Are Become New” 
2 Cor.5:17

Please be in prayer for the young family pictured.  For many years the father has been battling severe alcoholism. Therefore because of his drunken antics the entire family suffered with much lack, and much fear.

The lady developed severe depression which manifested itself in a very dramatic outburst of emotion and actions during an evening service on our most recent trip to Kenya.  

The next morning after that very emotionally draining evening, the Pastor brought the man and the lady to me for prayer.  By God’s grace, repentance took place and prayers were said for each of them and especially that the man would be delivered from the devil of alcoholism.

It is with great joy that the report has been that the man has not had a drink since that day.  This after so many years of severe issues. Please pray that God would continue to hold and lead this family along.

The pictures are of the family receiving and then wearing their much needed new clothes that were given as a Christmas blessing and token of love.  Prayerfully 2018 will truly be a “behold all things are become new”… type of year in these lives!
- John R. 
Note for your local Church Annual Meetings. 

Many congregations in the USA will be having their annual meetings this month. Many of our churches are already supporting the Foreign Mission for which we are most thankful. 

Should you desire that your church be one that reaches even more people around the world with the Gospel, here are ways that you can help!  If a member in any congregation brings this as new business to your church annual meeting, I think you will be surprised how well received and how blessed the congregation will feel to become an even greater part of the work the Lord is allowing our federation to be involved in around the world.

* Be in prayer for the work of the FM,  and let it be know that additional workers are always need in His Vineyard!

* Bibles are needed constantly in so many places we work.   Bibles are usually 6 to $10 each.

* Motorbikes are needed for the poor pastors to reach people in the remote villages that are too far to reach by foot.   On average $1200

* Churches.   In many cases there are new congregations, but they have no building, or they have inadequate buildings.  While the Foreign Mission does not fund from the general funds for church buildings, they realize that in many cases there are badly needed.  Therefore from special donations they often help to build churches.  The FM insists that the congregations do most of the work, and they use their own money to buy much of the material.  Without this requirement it is actually bad for the congregation as no one will feel ownership of their church.
      We hope they can get the walls up, and then we help them through special donations to finish the roof and maybe plaster the walls and pour the floors.    Typical cost in the 3rd world to do these parts are about $4500 for a very nice size solid building. But smaller donations can also be used for things like the tin for the roof, $720, and so forth.

* Many other options are available should you need more ideas.

So, if you are lead to bring something like these to your meetings, you can also ask for more information by emailing

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the things whereto I sent it. Isaiah 55:11 

                               Upcoming Trips Update

Beginning January 23rd a trip is planned to India. Please remember the team in your prayers as they go. In addition  a trip will be taken in conjunction with this to Sri Lanka by two missionaries. 

A trip to West Africa is scheduled for March. Contact us if you have a desire to go along. 

There is a trip being planned in June to Guatemala. This will be for the annual Guatemala ALC Convention. Would you like to join us on this trip? CLICK HERE    Hopeful dates for this convention are June 16-17.  However, this could change but we will keep you posted!

Other trips are in the planning stages, and they will be announced when there is something more firmly arranged.

Please pray for all of these trips, that the Word will be preached, taught, and received in all Truth and purity!


(Through this section in each Monthly News, we hope you can feel better connected to some of your brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.) 
Meet Mary! 

She was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.  She has been not feeling good for a long time, so prayerfully with these findings, she can be restored to regular good health with the proper care.  She is such a loving and faithful servant and Pastor’s wife.  Her husband is the respectable Pastor Fredrick serving in Kenya. Mary is mother to one son, however she loves and cares for so many additional children in their community and church as she sees needs. She also serves and and cares for many of the woman in the community. 
News From the Field 
November Update

South Africa 

Bishop L.Mphahlele
Prison ministry is one of the important tasks of the church, I visited and shared the saving gospel with these inmates at the most notorious prison of Rooikground in the far North West, after service and met personally with few prisoners to discuss with them.

"Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord” Psalm 34:11. It is very important to teach children the Word of God while they are still young. We often when we get an opportunity visit the school in the morning before the classes and teach them the word and prayed for them.
A small congregation of Lesung in Noth- West has started at the home of Mr Saul Letlape. In this home Saul used to sell liquor for living, after several visit by Pastor Bob Maki and myself, we spoke to him, at the beginning it seems like our words felt on deaf ears, finally God worked inside Saul ‘s heart to realize that liquor is not the solution for earning income but destroy the life of the people and families.
He left drinking and do not sell liquor anymore but conduct evening prayers at his home every week. Let us please pray for Saul and his family that they should be the light of the community in this small village. During my visit to this home, we conducted Bible study, prayed together, and it was a blessing also that it was his birthday, seen below he shared his birthday cake with those present


Pastor Enock Onyinkwa
First of all I thank you for your good prayer and nice teachings God bless you abundantly. Please send many teachings to guide our lives so that to reach the lost souls. Every day we are thirst and hunger for the word of God.
Disciple of Christ help us to get Bibles to know more love of God.

Would you like to donate Bibles? Click Here

   Other Highlights of the Month

 > Plans have been laid out to conduct Bible Studies via Google Hangouts. We are trying to use the technology of the day to spread the Gospel since we can't always be in the field.  It is our prayer that some of our retired pastors could be used mightily in this way without ever leaving home!

> Bibles have been given out again in the last month.  Also requests have come in for Sunday School materials which we endeavor to help with where we can.

>  Special earmarked donations have made it possible to supply much needed equipment and supplies in certain churches abroad.

> A request for Christian School teachers in Kenya still stands open! Contact if interested! This is not an FM function, rather a invite from Pastor Timothy.  He is offering free room and board!

 The Foreign Mission fully understands that nothing can be accomplished except that God through His Holy Spirit would move His children to help in their individual capacity.  We certainly give all Honor, Praise, and Glory to God.  Items are put here only so you can see the various ways that you can help in the Lord's Vineyard, even if you cannot leave your home! Prayer is of top importance of course! 

Upcoming Trips 

Would you like to join us? 

Trips this year that have availability for you to join!  
Guatemala (June 2018)
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The Bible Fund; we get many request (like pastor Enock posted above) also this note we recenly recieved "The servant of God send us the Bibles  for our Language and English bible. We are praying for you God open windows of heavenly to receive in Jesus"  It is such a blessing to give the WORD of LIFE! Click here to donate.
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
News Blog 
 Prayer & Praise 

>  Thank you for your prayers for the trip to Nigeria that was completed last month!  God kept all safe and healthy, and it was wonderful to attend the 52nd annual ALC of Nigeria convention.  Please see the upcoming Where He Leads for articles about the December 2017 trip.

>   Please be in prayer for the trip currently taking place to South Africa.  Pastor's Bob Maki, Ansten Tretten, and Frank Famiyeh are serving there for much of the rest of this month.

>  Please also be in prayer for the India trip beginning on January 23rd. You will see more of that on Facebook.
May God Bless Your Month!
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