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Christmas Gift Catalogue

Endeavoring to obey the Word of our Lord...Go ye into all the lands and preach the Gospel to every creature.

The Foreign Mission Store 

In addition to the gift ideas listed on the right, there are also books, CDs, and other items available for sale onTHE FOREIGN MISSION STORE Purchase of these items help support The Foreign Mission. 

Gifts that Keep On Giving 


Celebrate the true spirit of Christmas!

Need unique gifts to those who have everything? Want to bring more meaning to your giving? Give one of these gifts in the name of your loved ones or give a gift together as a family. Order by emailing on the click here spots below.  Christmas cards with a picture and description of your gift are available with each purchase.


Give the gift of God's Holy Word!*

Many people around the world do not own a Bible. Bibles are needed in all the countries we work in: Myanmar, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Liberia, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Togo, and Vietnam. $10 buys 1-3 Bibles click here

Emergency Medical Fund

Emergency medical fund is an account set up to send money in emergency medical situations. Support goes to Pastors and faithful church members in Foreign Countries as needs occur. *Note; It is a standard practice of the hospitals in most countries to not help anyone until cash is received upfront, so this is often highly needed* Amount for this fund can vary but costs are typically less than 10% of what they are in the US click here
Village wells
Give the gift of clean water to Christians who live in villages where their community bars them from the village wells because of their faith. Prices differ depending on what the soil is like in the area. $500-1200 click here

Mission trips

The mandate of the Foreign Mission is to preach the Word of God. Help support our missionaries travel overseas to preach, teach and share and model the love of God! Donations go toward visa or flight costs. $50-100 buys one visa $400-1600 pays for one round-trip flight click here
Literature printing
Small Gospel tracts, Sunday School material, and Follow Jesus, Prevent AIDS booklets help support evangelism and discipleship efforts around the world! $20 goes toward priority materials for congregations click here
Chicken Project
A chicken project provides several hundred chicks, feed, shelter and all needs to get started. This would provide much needed income to a family or congregation. $500 click here

Disaster Relief Fund

Natural disasters are always devastating, especially in
developing countries. On the right is an example of a church we saw in India this year, damaged by a cyclone. Help us establish a fund so that we can quickly send money when disasters hit. Money will be spent/distributed by pastors we work with.$40 helps families and communities hit by natural disasters click here
Child support
Support a child to stay in the ALC Home in India. Children receive room and board, tuition and supplies to attend the village school, and Biblical teaching at the ALC Home. Or help to supply the basic needs such as food and clothing for all the children at the St. Johns Orphanage in Kenya.
$40/month click here
Give the gift of mobility to pastors in India. Bicycles allow pastors to travel between their different congregations and to spread the Gospel more widely in the surrounding villages. $80 buys one bicycle click here
Church buildings
Many congregations around the world worship under trees, in small tin shacks, or in old buildings. All of the countries we work in could use help building churches. $100 builds 1/20 - 1/50 of a church, depending on country click here
Mailing address for DONATIONS:
The Foreign Mission
1601 NW 4th Avenue
Battle Ground, WA 98604

* Please feel free to earmark your gift to a specific country or area.
For example, if you are sending money for Bibles or Church building,
you can designate the country or area of your choice.  
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