Friday, May 8, 2015

Guatemala and The Philippines!
While these two countries are very far apart geographically, they have many similarities.  Both places are very beautiful! The languages have many common words and sounds.  More importantly, people in both countries, as well as all other nations, need the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   Please come with us on a picture journey of these two countries that your Foreign Mission visited this month.

The Philippines

Often times travel to these remote villages is very long and hard. But one can be very surprised upon arrival of who comes to hear the Word of God! 

Besides pulpit preaching, real mission work is often done best one on one! The smiles say it all! 

This from Dennis today: THE JOY OF THE LORD! Yesterday our team spent most of the day leading services and a seminar in Pastor Alud's new church. It was a joy to see predominantly young people participating. We ended with very interesting question and answer sessions led by Marilyn for the girls and women and the three of us guys for the boys and men.
Church transportation is a big flatbed truck.


The Ashburnham ALC confirmation class spent a week in Guatemala along with Pastor Colin Kinnunen and many of their parents and others from the AALC.  

Distributing food bags to families in need. 

Despite the extreme heat (100deg+) the team worked diligently each day. Serving the community with a Dental/Medical Clinic, church services, bible studies, home visits, youth group, and playing with the children

At a small village school, high in the mountains. Scott began to teach on the 23rd Psalm and all the children joined in reciting it. 

For those who have visited Guatemala many times, trips include encouraging and visiting with long times friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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Special projects
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The Bible Fund is now empty!  These Bibles in The Philippines were bought with the last of the funds for Bibles. Our missionaries are helping to distribute right now!  Click here to pledge support for this fund.

Top five list:  Please be aware that the FM administrator keeps a list of the most needed humanitarian projects around the world where the FM works! This also now includes the Emergency Medical Fund. These are not funded by general FM funds, but many people often come forward asking to support special needs. You can receive this list by email for you or your group to check over and decide what you would like to work toward funding!   Click here to email! 


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The Ghana and Togo trips are complete and all are safely home!  See the Prayer and Praise section below! 

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>  Sunday School material distribution in various countries continues.

>  Church visits by the FM Administrator  will occur during this summer. Some dates are still open currently.

> The Foreign Mission will entertain any invitations to hold their fall FM meetings and services.  These take place as near Oct. 1st as possible but the exact weekend can be flexible

Prayer and praise

> The Foreign Mission is so thankful that our Youth Leader Julie Matson and a Medical Doctor from Finland, Sofia Tupeli have safely made it home after serving so faithfully in Ghana and Togo for an extended period of time!  Julie also served in Guatemala with the above group.

> We are also thankful that the Chairman of the FM, Pastor Bob Maki also served in Ghana and Togo for 2.5 weeks in March and April.  He worked together with our resident Pastor Frank Famiyeh to spread the Gospel. 

> The Foreign Mission Administrator, John Ruotsala, served recently in  Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada.  Many thanks are given to each one in that congregation for extending such great love and kindness! 

> The Foreign Mission Board, the administrator, and our missionaries Dennis and Marilyn Hilman,  had meetings and services in Kingston, MN last weekend!  A sincere Thank You to your congregation  for being such great and loving hosts!  Great job!  

> The Foreign Mission is thanking Dan Olin, Chad Kuivanen and Shane Juuti for their faithful service to the FM Board.  Their terms expire on June 25th.  Thank you Gentlemen!  Dan has served the on the FM board perhaps longer than anyone except Bob Maki!  Thank you!  
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