Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kenya by Julie!

 Our team of John Ruotsala, Dennis Hilman, Leona Matson, Terri Hilman, and Julie Matson has been in Kenya for several weeks now. It has been an a very busy time--often in areas with no electricity so it's been harder to keep this blog updated. Here, however, is an update focusing on one of the areas we visited written by Julie Matson.

Morning in the village is a special time. Our team spent two nights/ three days at Pastor Charles’ home in a remote village in the bush: no electricity or plumbing just friendly people who opened their mud hut homes for us to stay. It’s wonderful to stay there, a way to truly experience the way the locals live. Their love for the Lord shines in the way that they love each other and us. 


Leona, Terri, and I have spent many days teaching the children and youth. We’ve taught stories of the Bible and of Christ’s Love for each of us. We have created many things out of paper, shared stories, sang songs, played games, and loved the children. Our teachings have been in tiny little huts packed with children, out on the lawn, and, as you see here, sometimes among the cows and the corn. They’ve been special times indeed.

The women here in Kenya work so hard day and night, bringing water from the springs, cooking meals in smoke-filled huts, serving others, caring for the children, etc. They are such servants and have blessed us so much.

Many of the children that we worked with in Pastor Charles area are orphans. Pastor Charles and Mary have 34 orphans who live in their home. Here this little boy is coloring a “coat of many colors” after hearing the story of Joseph.

Kenya is a beautiful country!

We are nearing the end of our trip now, but still have several days to go. During these last days we will be ordaining several pastors. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

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