Monday, April 16, 2012

Please come back!

Dennis Hilman and I just spent a very blessed 6 days in Togo! On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday there were seminars for pastors and church leaders. Here are a few responses we received from the participants:

I thank God for your teachings, I appreciate them, they aregood. We need them again!

This seminar lifted my spiritual life. I wish you continue it for one week!

I thank the Lord for your life, who gives you strength to proclaim His word. The teaching was powerful and deep. May the Lord bless you.

The themes are very important and constitute a precious instrument for us as men of God to fuufill the work of God and to be all the time in his will and live according to the Scriptures. Please, the time of the seminars is too short because we have need of more time for explanation and we have more questions to ask. Please can you come twice a year?

Please pray that God would continue to be with each person who attended the seminars in Togo. God willing, we will have time to post a more detailed update soon. We are off to Liberia now. Please also pray for our time there!

God's Peace!


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