Tuesday, August 2, 2011

News from the field.

The below email was received very recently from one of the indigenous pastors that the Foreign Mission works with.  Similar emails are often received from around the world.  Occasionally one is posted here so that we can remember our Christian friends in prayer.....   The names have been withheld for safety reasons.

Dear in Christ,

Since there is no democracy, no human right, religious freedom in many things, the ethic group people  of Shan, Kachin,Karen and Moon people holding the arms and fight with Burma army since for along time. But there is no peace, poverty, damaging, killing and raping is in apart Burma.

We were expecting the cease fire and peace  for  inland country for the people.  But more worse and worsen. Now for fighting  killing and by force labors, raping on women. killing on the civilian., and drought of famine and poverty, no good education for the Children, No health care for good hospital, corruption is full in every offices .

For the western countries have been sanction and ban to Myanmar economic, no work, no job and no salary for people.
They are forcing and trying to propagate to Buddhist ism  , for Christian the way is very narrow. Please pray with us by sending faithfully for our staff and workers of ALC. . God bless.

In Him, and God's peace,


ALC of Myanmar

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